SunQueen Kelcey has three things at the center of her music: body positivity, self love, and sexual liberation. These are more than ingredients to her lyrics, they are her soul; and she has such a strong calling to these tenets that watching her at the mic is more than a concert. Her musical style is a genre-bending collage of hip-hop, soul, rock, and contemporary R&B, call it soul-rock. She is the center of a universal sound that aims to unite her listeners over a shared experience.

On her new single “Around” now available on all streaming platforms - she uses sultry, intimate lyrics like, “You might think you’ve been around, been around the world before but baby it’s my turn to make your world go ‘round;” to put a spell on her listeners. That magic is only enhanced by a heavy bass line that is dripping with sensuality and clean drum hits to make your heart stop.

Kelcey grew up in a small North Carolina town called Southern Pines, absorbing a broad range of music from Mary J Blige, Nina Simone, and Boyz II Men to Joan Jett and Alanis Morissette. In middle school she joined the choral ensemble and quickly fell in love with classical music, which influences her vocal arrangements to this day. A series of traumatic events when she was 13 affected her greatly. Kelcey’s father died and the family’s house burned down, destroying her first guitar, and deterring her from her goals. She has overcome a series of obstacles to get to where she is now, rising above loss and personal setbacks to find her own voice and pursue her artistic dreams.

She began her performance career with Dalton Village, a group that blended R&B and rap. As their lead vocalist, she gained experience performing live, but after the band broke up she was launched on a solo career. She decided to create a backing band for her music with the former guitarist of Dalton Village, Kolin Robinson, and called it SunQueen and the Soular Flares. The band has two guitarists (Malcom Dickens & Kolin Robinson), a bassist (Darion Jones), keyboardist/trombone player (Tyrissa Swilley) and drummer (Jamese Moses). Every member is multi-talented, either bringing other instruments into the mix or by adding to the group through graphic design. The band grooves and together they add flare to the original lyrics created by Kelcey and accomplish dynamic covers.  

“I just like to empower people to love themselves and their beautiful bodies, especially, women-identifying people. And of course, I stay promoting body positivity, radical self-love and sexual liberation for all” Kelcey says. Her commitment to empowerment is what helped Kelcey sign a record deal with indie label, Smart Mouth Records LLC based in Durham, NC. Kelcey is set to release her first album with the label in 2020. She is devoted to improving the space she is in, from organizing group events, to lending her talents to her countless friends. She is a rock star and a hometown hero.


Winner of Best R&B Artist of the Year, The Bloc Awards – 2017

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Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, Pittsboro, NC
Aggiefest for NC A&T State University, Greensboro, NC
The Vault,
Durham, NC
Imurj Artists Cafe,
Raleigh, NC
Joymongers Brewing Co., Greensboro, NC
The Crown at Carolina Theatre, Greensboro, NC
The PourHouse Music Hall, Raleigh, NC
Boston’s House of Jazz, Greensboro, NC
Fat Tuesdays, Greensboro, NC
The Blind Tiger, Greensboro, NC
Elm St Lounge, Greensboro, NC
The Van Dyke Performance Space, Cultural Arts Center, Greensboro, NC
Club Orion, Greensboro, NC
221 Lounge, Greensboro, NC
EarthGirls Festival, Greensboro, NC
Sofar Sounds, Greensboro, NC
Levitt Amp Foundation, Barber Park, Greensboro, NC
Bla/Alt Music Festival, Camp North End, Charlotte, NC
WhoDat Festival, Greensboro, NC
Petra’s Lounge, Charlotte, NC
NPR Radio, Triad Stage, Greensboro, NC
Black 2 HipHop Festival, Greensboro, NC
International Civil Rights Museum, Greensboro, NC
Churchhills Cigar Bar, Greensboro, NC
Greene Street Nightclub, Greensboro, NC
The People’s Perk, Greensboro, NC
The Artist Bloc, Greensboro, NC
Elsewhere Museum, Greensboro, NC
Ribfest, Winston Salem, NC | Greensboro, NC
Bulls Tavern, Winston Salem, NC
PB & Java, Greensboro, NC
The Shed, Durham, NC
The Food Bank, Southern Pines, NC

Radio Appearances: WNAA 90.1 FM for NC A&T State University, WUAG 103.1 for UNCG, GateCity Podcast, NPR UNC Radio

Community Work
UnitedWay GSO and Fanatic, Community Album “Artists United to End Poverty,
Greensboro, NC
Artists4Justice, Greensboro, NC
Fundraiser for Hurricane Matthew, Greensboro, NC
Put Your Money Where the Art Is - Fundraiser for NoDAPL, S.O.N.G.  Greensboro, NC
Hunger Action Month, Aberdeen, NC